Due to the thumb side, you will be empowered not to raise hands

Due to the thumb side, you will be empowered not to raise hands

Due to the thumb side, you will be empowered not to raise hands

One thief secretly entered the stable of one of the city's rich, quietly untied one of the two horses that were there, tied up a hiding place and returned to take the other horse.

Smug from his rapid success, he was careful not to keep quiet and the landlord who heard noises from the stable awoke and ran quickly to the scene.

"What are you doing here, and where is the other horse?" The bad guys in his voice on the thief.
"I am the second horse," replied the thief without hesitation. "In the previous incarnation I was a master and you were my servant. I - my soul rolled into a horse that had to be worked for you in faith for that debt. A little while ago I finished paying the full amount and returned to being a human being. "

The rich looked at him in amazement and said: "And shakes you have, clothes, food?"
"I have nothing, I didn't tell you, I've just become a man!"

The wealthy runner went to his house, stuffed a bag of fruit and a mini sweetie, packed a number of clothes suits, a considerable sum of money and returned to the stable. "Take it, it's for you," he said to the thief, "but before we break up let me give you one decent piece of advice - the plunder doesn't pay off, see how much you've suffered in recent years, promise me you won't send your hand in the theft anymore."

The thief took the heavy bundle, quickly made his promise and disappeared.

After a few days, the wealthy went to the urban market and was amazed to see his horse being put up for sale. Immediately he went over to the horse and whispered in his ear - "Moshe, Moshe, not a shame? Only a few days ago, I warned you, and already sat down to the saddle ..."

The Rosh Hashanah prayers still resonate in our ears and we are already preparing for Yom Kippur.

We are all infused with good will, full of decisions and decisions, and wish all plans, good intentions, and arousal will last at least until next year.

To really change and change we have to start with a small, easy thing that we can stand. Change needs to be a slow internal process, with no desire to capture the whole destination in the moment, a quick change can bring a rapid fall, and with it comes the despair and lifting of hands.

Our change requires patience, if we are patient, even if God forbid we can rise again, we will not raise hands of every difficulty and obstacle along the way, so that we can instill the good parallels we have received deep into our soul, from where it will be difficult to get out ...

Only on small steps, due to the thumb side can the goals be achieved and achieved, we can go through the wonderful holidays with quantities of commandments, good deeds and good receipts that will remain with us for many more days ...