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Have a part in revival of Jerusalem for complete redemption

JERUSALE{me} is the uniting of global communities who loves Israel and Jerusalem. Share words with the world which is based on useful Jewish and worldly wisdom from the ❤ of JERUSALEM.

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Exciting Activities

We operate in the city of Jerusalem in a variety of programs that grant kindness, compassion and empowerment to the needy residents of the city.

  • International Communities

    Professional self management of communities and groups through a technology platform such as Facebook and better.

  • Grace activities

    We founded and run projects of kindness for disadvantaged populations in Jerusalem, such as: homes for girls at-risk, support for abandoned youth.

  • Seminars and workshops

    We run personal empowerment workshops and emotional support for people with emotional problems and girls at-risk.

  • Social Cooperation

    We are connected with professional relationships with other ventures and we collaborate and join forces together to achieve efficiency.

  • Organized Spiritual Tours

    We initiate and produce organized tours for groups and communities who come from abroad for the sake of Jerusalem and its special needs.

  • Treatment of youth at risk

    We run a special venture for girls at risk and we have a network of apartments that serve them as safe and secure homes.

Amazing view of Jerusalem through three stories of girls (Jewish, Christian, Muslim).

A fascinating journey inside and around Jerusalem from the personal stories of three girls from the three religions. An amazing view of this wonderful city.

Be a loyal partner in revival the city and taking responsibility for the activity.

Our range of activities here in Jerusalem is vast and enormous and we can't bear the financial burden alone.

We invite you to take one small piece of commitment as God commands us.

One small act of grace, it's the power to create a whole world. We do not collect handouts or reach out but we invite you to be a full partner in building a world - for ever !

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We have everything to make your Jerusalem a success story

Jerusalem is one of the oldest cities in the world today, and its head dates from the New Stone Age and in fact the city has witnessed "never-ending history" - a period of continuous settlement in and around the city from then until today, at least for about six thousand years.

The city is dedicated to Judaism, where the two temples are located on the Temple Mount, and since King David conquered it from the Jubus, the city has been the center of Jewish people's life in ancient times.

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Phone: 972-054-675-5995

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13 Shamai Street, Shorashim Center, Jerusalem ,Israel

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This contact page is intended to serve as a means to keep in touch with you regarding Jerusalem matters. Starting with general questions and ending your inquiry about joining as a way partner. Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to reply to you quickly

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We are located in Israel. In the capital, Jerusalem. Our offices are located downtown at 13 Shamai Street, Shorashim Center,Jerusalem, ISRAEL

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